Boy meets Girl

Most of us know that often, a fun, head-turning, balanced outfit has a little bit of a "borrowed from the boy" element. At least, I find that the majority of the looks I put together both on myself and on clients encompass thIS theory.

This morning, a dear friend said to me "you  dress like a boy". I wasn't done getting ready for the day, but the comment did make me think. I concluded that I start most outfits with a  "boy" base and I finish them with the most feminine touches. A great way to put together an amazing look is to build up and layer in the following steps:


  • Begin with  something extremely casual, such as jeans and a funky tee shirt
  • Make sure that you are volume balanced i.e. skinny jeans and something blousy on top. Or- a baggy high waisted trouser and a tailored button down tucked in
  • Add a third piece such as a blazer, a long cardi, a fun scarf or even a chambray shirt unbuttoned worn in place of a cardigan. Neutrals are best for this piece


  • Throw on a chunky necklace, one you might wear at night. Dressy is ok, as long as it's not too delicate. I recommend costume jewelry such as the high end Jcrew pieces
  • For an elongated look, pick a longer necklace that hangs over most of your upper torso
  • Throw some bangles or chunky rings in the picture. Don't choose a matching bracelet to the necklace, it can look cheesy to match
  • Complete  the look with a handbag that matches one part of the outfit - either shoe, belt or scarf. It can be too much to match your handbag to the clothing.
  • Finish the whole ensemble with a bright lip such as MAC Lady Danger to fully offset the "boy" base and be very much so a lady even in that plaid mens shirt.


  • Pick an amazing heel or high-heel bootie
  • If your look is primarily neutral, pick a heel with punch such as  bright color or some chunky and fun embellishment.
  • You can get as girly as you want - you started off with boy-like piece
  • Do NOT pick a heel that matches your outfit, something in a totally different color will make it more interesting and less thought-out and premeditated
  • What works well is if you pick a heel that has contrast to your outfit: olive works great with bright blues. Beige, taupe and mauve - with red. All shades of gray work well with bright pink


IN CONCLUSION : This look is a sure head turner for a day time look. People constantly try to figure out why what I wear is so interesting and often it is just that - the contrast between a more masculine piece and my very girly finished. An outfit that is all feminine pieces can be overly sweet or overly sexy. And a boy piece gives the look an ease to it, a casual spin disguised in a heel and a red lip.