Closet Rehab

A process where Marina evaluates your wardrobe and either keeps, sells (on consignment), donates, tailors, repairs, or – in rare fashion disaster situations – throws away garments. She then organizes your shoes and clothing in a visually logical and easily accessible manner. She will help you fit more things in less space and make it look neat.

Personal Shopping

When you have gaps in your wardrobe, personal shopping may be appropriate. Shopping can generally be done with or without you present, but you will ideally spend one initial day together to complete the basics in your closet. From then on, Marina will courier clothes to your house or office and, with or without her, you can choose what to keep and what you want her to return. Marina doesn’t take a commission on purchases; you only pay her for her time.


Everyone struggles with putting fashionable looks together. Marina will create a paper or digital Lookbook of outfits she makes from your inventory that you can refer to when getting dressed. You will never waste precious time deciding what to wear again!

Garment Care Tutorial

Marina will teach you how to brush cashmere, steam your clothes, fold your sweaters properly and make your shoes and bags look new. In the rare event that she cannot fix something herself, she will take it to the perfect cobbler, tailor or other handy folk around town, with whom she has spent many years building relationships. Marina wants you to require your drycleaner less!